Dentist Cracow - Services

Pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic in Cracow offers comprehensive dental services – from dental fillings (including microscopic root canal therapy at a single visit) through cosmetic dentistry (including tooth whitening procedures as well as veneer and crown placement to improve the appearance of the teeth), to advanced implant surgeries to replace missing teeth.

Having our own prosthetics laboratory at our disposal, we can make even the most advanced prosthetic restorations, veneers, crowns, etc. Not only does this allow us to speed the entire process up, but also enables closer collaboration between a doctor and a dental technician, as well as direct contact of a technician with a patient in order to provide as best aesthetic effects as possible (individual choice of colour, veneers, and bridges).

We also provide a full range of services within children’s dentistry – milk tooth filling, silver nitrate treatment, and tooth sealing.

  • Painless anesthesia

  • Child friendly

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  • Pantomograph

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  • Facilities for the disabled

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  • Air conditioning

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