Root canal treatment

Are you suffering from strong tooth pain? Does it seem to you that the tooth extraction is the only solution? Or maybe the tooth has undergone root canal treatment and the discomfort has returned? Come to pro.orto.dent! Our specialists can rescue even extremely cavity-damaged teeth!

We perform root canal treatment under a microscope. We begin with good TYG diagnostics in order to assess the condition and determine the number of canals. In order to achieve appropriate treatment effects, it is extremely important to remove the pathological pulp accurately and disinfect the entire tooth. We use ultrasounds for the precise cleaning of the canals. An electronic root canal measurement system that we use allows us to determine their exact length. Using an endometer, we also assess the canal shape. Subsequently, we use a specialist device that precisely doses the appropriate amount of material for filling the canal so that it is tightly sealed with gutta-percha up to the root end. In order to assess the final effect, we make an x-ray. Finally, we start restoring the natural shape of the tooth.

Repeated root canal treatment

Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment using old methods often need to be treated again. The methods used in the past did not allow precise cleaning and filling of the canal, therefore in many cases it is reasonable to repeat root canal treatment in order to prevent the tooth loss. The treatment involves removing the old materials used for this type of treatment in the past and then cleaning and filling the canal properly with cutting-edge materials allowing us to prolong the presence of the tooth in your mouth.

Thanks to the modern techniques and equipment we have at our disposal, all this is usually done at a single visit. In pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic, it is possible to insert an endodontic post into a tooth undergoing root canal treatment in order to strengthen the tooth and use it in the prosthetic function. Endodontic treatment allows rescuing a tooth deeply affected by caries.

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