In pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic in Cracow, you can have your malocclusion corrected as part of our comprehensive orthodontic service.

We provide full diagnosis of malocclusion covering a dental check-up and a panoramic x-ray image, or a cephalometric x-ray image if necessary. As a result of a range of computer simulations and reference model preparation, we determine a comprehensive treatment scheme with a Patient.

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out on deciduous, mixed, and permanent dentition – i.e. in children, youth, and adults.

We use fixed and removable braces to correct malocclusions. As the first in Poland, we have introduced the technology of the least invasive teeth straightening using the Clear Aligner system.

Clear Aligner is the latest method used in orthodontics to correct malocclusions. Transparent teeth overlays made of a soft material guarantee maximum comfort of treatment. Almost invisible and well-matched braces do not cause discomfort while talking or smiling.

Orthodontic treatment is frequently used to prepare for surgeries, prosthetic procedures, and implant placement.

The purpose of orthodontics is to improve the visual condition of our teeth. This also affects our overall looks, as cosmetic dentistry smoothens our facial features, which helps maintain the symmetry and harmony of our whole face.

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