Dental treatment

We make tooth treatment comfortable. We use painless local, endodontic, or computer-assisted Wand anaesthesia.

In pro.orto.dent, you are going to meet good dentists with long experience and huge knowledge, who use cutting-edge technologies and methods for treating teeth. Each dental office is equipped with modern equipment and devices catering to the comfort of our patients For filling dental cavities, we use the highest-class nanocomposite materials. The fillings are light- and chemically-cured. They perfectly bind with the natural dental tissue. This makes the fillings strong and tight We also treat dental hypersensitivity, gingival diseases, and oral mucosa inflammations, such as mouth ulcer and oral candidiasis.

Free dental check-up

At your first visit, we will check your teeth for free. Our doctor performs a general assessment of your teeth and oral mucosa. Then, the doctor defines necessary steps that will bring your healthy smile back. In the case of orthodontic or prosthetic treatment, appropriate imaging diagnostics needs to be carried out. We make local or panoramic x-ray images. In more complicated cases, we also make a computer tomography scan or cephalometric x-ray.

Adaptation visit for children

Pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic offers an adaptation visit which will allow your child to see a dental office and learn about dental equipment. The visit, carried out by our experienced dental hygienist, is about fun. It is short and does not involve any procedures. During the visit, the child has the opportunity to get used to a dental chair and its direct surroundings, while parents learn how to take proper care of their child’s oral hygiene. Afterwards, every child receives a symbolic award for their courage.

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