Dental implants

Pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic in Cracow also specializes in implantology.

Implants are currently the best-known solution for replacing missing teeth. As opposed to crowns and bridges, they do not damage neighbouring teeth. Well planned procedures are short, safe, and little invasive.

Each missing tooth needs to be replaced as fast as possible in order to restore the right teeth alignment. Dental implants constitute an important restoration element affecting the healthy condition of our occlusion and the aesthetics of our smile. Additionally, they give us comfort and raise the quality of our life.

The treatment begins with diagnostics via computer tomography in order to assess the condition of your jaw accurately. We make an implant surgical guide in order to choose the best area in the bone and gingiva for placing an implant. We select an optimum and the safest place for an implant. First, we place a titanium screw which will form a base for the entire structure. Then, we add an abutment that is an artificial root, on which a new tooth will be fixed. The last step is placing a crown.

If there are more than one tooth missing, it is possible to place the same number of implants. We also make implants supporting removable prostheses, serving as a support for bridges.

In pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic, we also perform immediate implantation. In the case of a sudden tooth loss, you can have an implant placed right after the extraction of the damaged tooth. This is especially important for anterior teeth.

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