About us

Pro.orto.dent Dental Clinic has been in the medical services market since 1999. Our main seat at pl. Serkowskiego 10 in Cracow accommodates five beautifully arranged dental offices with modern equipment, each run by an experienced dentist. We also have a prosthetics laboratory at our disposal, which provides prosthetics services at the highest world-class level.

The main specialization of pro.orto.dent are prosthetics and orthodontics, which does not mean that cosmetic dentistry and endodontics present any challenge for us or we attach any less importance to these fields. We provide a comprehensive range of services with our patients’ comfort and safety in mind. Carefully chosen and qualified staff take care of the highest quality of all procedures and friendly atmosphere.

When a patient asks if it’s going to hurt, it just brings a friendly smile to our face. For us, those times are water under the bridge and will never return. Today, even a local anaesthetic injection does not hurt, let alone a dental procedure itself! We offer our patients a possibility to undergo treatment in dental offices equipped with the highest-class equipment and materials: 3M, GC, Heraeus Kulzer, AmannGirbach, KaVo, Scheu Dental, Schick, Bien Air, Sirona, Chirana, Vertex, Schofu, Degudent, Merz-Dental, CeKa, Vita, Ivoclar, 3Shape, and many other brands.

Pro.orto.dent staff consists of perfectly prepared specialists who can face every challenge that modern dentistry presents today in its entirety. The experience of our long-standing employees meets the fresh perspective of young doctors and their skills in the latest developments of digital technology, resulting in amazing therapeutic effects. Strong team is our biggest advantage!

Pro.orto.dent personnel never stop learning. Numerous training courses and growth-oriented approach allow us to raise our qualifications constantly, which is proven by our certificates. The experience we have acquired over the years also enables us to conduct training for interested people, mainly within the field of prosthetics and orthodontics, but also many other specializations.

An unquestionable asset of pro.orto.dent is that our prosthetics laboratory is located right at our dental offices. This allows us to provide aesthetic benefits of prosthetic treatment that are unreachable any other way. Our technicians can assess first-hand what tools they need to use to ensure an excellent final effect. It is our priority to make a perfect choice as to the colour, shape, or special colour effects, which are necessary to meet the expectations of our every Patient. We make no mistakes.

While performing the most difficult cosmetic ceramic restorations, our prosthetics technician can work individually with a patient. In a dental office specially adapted for that purpose, in hygienic conditions that usually prosthetics laboratories cannot provide, our technician performs an individual “characterization” and shaping of porcelain crowns or veneers in the presence of a patient. At every consecutive correction and layer of ceramic material, a finished stage is presented to a patient for approval. In extensive restorations, this can last for many hours, but the effect is always amazing and guarantees 100% patient satisfaction.

Pro.orto.dent prosthetics laboratory staff consists of employees with very long experience (sometimes of even up to several dozen years) in prosthetics, as well as talented and promising young people constantly seeking new solutions and perfectly prepared for working with the latest technologies. Under the supervision of Joanna and Andrzej Dulian, as well as Bożena Nawrocka, they can design every type of prosthetic restoration used in the market of specialist services today. Our strong team of technicians can make a temporary acrylic crown, as well as complicated zirconia implantoprosthetic restorations, or beautiful veneers improving the colour and shape of a patient’s teeth.

Pro.orto.dent prosthetics laboratory also provides prosthetic services for other dental clinics and prosthetics. We provide comprehensive services: from receipt of an order from a customer to delivery after the end of the laboratory stage. We maintain internal documentation in accordance with the latest relevant legal regulations. We can provide all information on materials used for a particular order, together with their batch numbers. Production documentation is an obligation of each prosthetic laboratory and is increasingly more often required during inspections of various authorities and in disputes.

We are looking forward to making your smile beautiful!

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